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Latoya sax in high heels exposing her big black tits and large kissing areolas.

I am sure you notice that in addition to my big black tits, I have large areolas. Guys always comment about my kissing nipples. They point to each other as if they were kissing. I can see that, but all I care about is  having them fondled, licked, sucked and fucked.

High heeled, big black tit ebony bbw, Latoya Sax, exposes her deep cleavage and large areolas.

My big black boobs are all natural and I love wrapping my tits around a guys cock and giving him a fantastic titty fuck, just before I go down on his cock with my mouth and thick lips and give him a an amazing deep throat blow job.

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I really enjoy sucking cock. Some guys complain about the sucking sound that I make, but they love it when I take their load of com in my mouth. You will have to check-out my blow job videos to see what they are talking about. My cock sucking style is different!

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Latoya Sax, the big black tit BBW that loves deep throating white cock.

Guess what! My photographer came by, for the second time, on the pretense of doing a photo shoot, but I knew he really wanted to get his dick sucked. I had my period, and wasn’t really in the mood, but I figured some sexy modeling, tit fucking and cock sucking would get me horny and make me feel better. It did!

Latoya exposes her big black monster tits and deep cleavage.

As we started shooting, I was really starting to get into it. I have huge boobs and I love showing them off with my deep cleavage. We shot a bunch of photos of me playing with my tits and then he asked me if he could fuck my big black boobs with his white cock. I was really horny by now and it sounded like fun. I agreed to a titty fuck!

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Of course, giving head was next! That is really what he stopped for. The photos and tit fucking was just so he could get some deep throat and shoot his load of cum in my mouth. I didn’t mind. I was feeling better, very horny by now, and I love sucking cock. I give him deep head until he dumped a load of sperm in my mouth. Make sure you check-out the video at’s video store.

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Big black tit bbw, Latoya Sax, exposes her huge boobs and high heeled legs.

I decided to add a few more photos from the unannounced visit by my photographer to my home. What do you think of my cute red high heels? I already know what you think about my big black tits. Hehe..

The big black tits and large aerolas of Latoya Sax.

My tits are all natural and they have actually gotten larger. They have gone from a double D cup to a  triple D cup. That makes me a 40DDD. Guys always comment on my large aerolas and nipples. They love sucking on them, and that works for me.

Black BBW, Jamie Sax, sucks white cock.

Ahhh yes!!! I am a cock sucker, I am damn good at it  and proud of it too. If you are looking for the best head you ever had, my place is the place. I will wrap my thick lips around your cock and deep throat you until I suck your sperm out of your balls.

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The big natural black tits of Latoya Sax.

I was sitting at home one day when my photographer showed up and wanted his cock sucked. He is a  horny bastard and he always has his camera with him.  I wasn’t busy, and I love sucking cock, so I agreed. He shot some photos of my big natural black tits, as you can see from the photo above, and then I unzipped his pants and went down on his white cock. He likes titty fucks, and so do I, so I wrapped my big natural tits around his cock, as I give him head. I deep throated his cock and he shot a load of sperm in my mouth.

As a single mom, it was nice break in my day to have some unexpected cock come by for a blow job. I love sucking cock and no dick has ever walked away unsatisfied after one of my deep throat cock sucking sessions. Popping out my big natural black tits gets them hard and then I work my magic on their cock with my mouth and my thick black lips. Make sure you check-out the video clip. It is pretty hot!

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Big tit black bbw cock sucker, Latoya Sax.

Here I go! This a photo from my first photo shoot, on camera, giving head. I have sucked a lot of dicks, been fucked by a bunch of guys, and even done threesome with two guys. In the right situation, I have even had my big butt fucked in the ass, but I have never put my sexual experiences out on the Internet for everyone to see. All my sexual activities have been behind closed doors. This is the first time I am going to show off my big black tits, cock sucking talents and sexual experiences, for all to see.

I am an amateur mom, and a sexy black bitch, which makes me a black milf. I am not a porn star. I am doing this to have fun.  I love  sucking cock and getting fucked and want to meet guys that want their cock sucked, or to fuck me. The more the better! Please check-out my video clips and feel free to make comments.

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Latoya Sax's big black tit cleavage.

Hey guys! What do think of my big black tits and my deep cleavage? Do you think you could have fun with these baby feeders, and did you notice how my nipples point to each other like they are trying to kiss? I am sure you won’t mind having these big black boobs wrapped around your cock and giving me a deep hard titty fuck. When you are ready to cum I would have my nipples kiss so you could shoot a load on both my tits at the same time. The feeling would be amazing!

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Big tit black bbw, Latoya Sax.

Hello everyone, I am Latoya Sax, Jamie Sax’s sister. My sister has been out here everywhere, and now it is my turn. I am a big tit cock sucker like my sister but I have a completely different personality, and cock sucking style. I am more bubbly and fun. She is a pussy licker and I am not. I am cock lover! I am am also a  short power house of sexual energy and she is tall. Being short you have to work harder. My sister may have a reputation for giving deep throat, but I am going to establish myself as the best black cock sucker ever. Come back and see what I can do.